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    It’s useful to have a unique session hashtag (usually derived from the conference hashtag) to keep track of content from the various sessions taking place throughout the conference.

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    Ryan Madanick

    Actually, if you want to give credit to someone who has a Twitter account, you should put a “.” before the @username, like this:

    .@DDWMeeting: XXX

    That way it will appear in your follower’s feeds. Otherwise it will only be seen by you, the person, and the people you have in common:


    Also, at DDW I find it useful to tag the Abstract or Presentation number, like this:

    Pasricha #345 #DDW13: pts w More severe pre-tx histology had higher risk of risk after successful eradication of BE (https://twitter.com/RyanMadanickMD/status/336135310331224064)

    For each speaker, you can save the first part (“Pasricha #345 #DDW13: “) then write the info following this. That way, someone can reference the abstract/presentation later, or later reference your tweets as notes.

    Just my 2 cents!

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