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Abstracts Twitter Chat Transcript

DDW staff recently held a Twitter chat about the abstract submission process. Here is a transcript of the chat, which includes answers to some frequently asked questions.

@AmerGastroAssn Can a researcher submit an abstract to #DDW14 that has already been submitted to another meeting?

@DDWMeeting If submitted to a national meeting, no. If international, yes. #DDW14

‏@ekievazquez  Can I submit an abstract that will be presented as a poster on ACP-PR chapter? #DDW14

@DDWMeeting No, I’m sorry. Since it was submitted to a national meeting, it cannot be submitted for #DDW14. PR is considered domestic.

@DDWMeeting We’re receiving a lot of questions via email. We’ll tweet the top with their answers throughout the hour. #ddw14

@DDWMeeting  Q: Does #DDW14 allow case studies or vignettes to be submitted? A: Yes!

@DDWMeeting  Q:Is there a word or character count limit? #DDW14

@DDWMeeting  A:Yes, 255 characters for title, 2900 characters for abstract body. Count is shown on green bar above the instructions. #DDW14

@DDWMeeting  Tip: There are abstracts on hundreds on different topics submitted. What is your topic for #ddw14?

@DDWMeeting Q: Can I view all #ddw14 submission categories prior to submitting? A: Yes, click on this link:

@DDWMeeting Q: How are #ddw14 abstracts reviewed? A: Blinded, peer-review selection process.

@DDWMeeting That wraps up our twitter chat. The submission deadline is 12/3 at 9 pm ET. Note, deadline is Tuesday following US Thanksgiving. #ddw14

@DDWMeeting Submit #ddw14 abstracts here:


  1. I would like to submit an abstract to DDW14. However, if I don’t get the permission to attend the meeting from my institution, can my advisor [last author] present the abstract in my place?

    • Hi Maria,

      Yes, any co-author listed on the submitted abstract may serve as a substitute presenter. A substitute presenter MUST be listed on the original abstract.

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